Experienced executive specializing in digital transformation, strategic marketing, market research, business operations, and technology. Expertise in leading technology and marketing teams for B2B and B2C organizations, identifying and creating business opportunities, and managing budgets that increase financial profitability.

1990 - 1995

John Dewey Library - Supervisor

Managed over ten student workers, and provided circulation services to patrons, and assisted students and faculty with leveraging online databases and research methodologies.


Received Bachelor's Degree

BA: Music Performance: Classical Piano; Minor: Music Education K-12, Art Education K-12, Fine Arts

1996 - 1997

Teaching Assistant

Provided 1:1 educational support for students with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and emotional behavioral disorders, as well as traditional classroom support. Provided after school tutoring in all subjects including Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra, English, & History.

1997 - 1998

MIT | Senior Library Assistant

Communicated with vendors and publishers in a team environment, and reorganized procedures to increase productivity. Coordinated with the local library units to resolve claims, correct addresses, process invoices, and provided serials receipt and processing for 10 decentralized libraries.

1998 - 1999

Baker Library, Access Services Supervisor

This management role with 8 employees was created based on performance as a part-time employee. Delivered training sessions for employees, faculty, and staff on exclusive electronic databases and resources, and market research, and assisted with general and in-depth reference questions and research.

1999 - 2000

Regional Learning Center Director

Directed two learning centers, a staff of 40, created enrollments of over 600 students in the greater Boston area, and produced a GPM of over 50% consistently. Trained Learning Center Directors across the U.S., and created the company’s national training manual. Also coordinated the local MARS Music Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to enhancing the lives of underprivileged children.

2000 - 2002

Division of Research and Faculty Development

Administrator for three separate departments at HBS: The Global Research Group, Research Staff Development, and Case Development. Facilitated the writing and copywriting of business cases, the primary teaching method and curriculum for students of the MBA, Ph.D., and Executive Education programs with comprehensive market research and extrapolation of data. Created, developed, and designed a web-based training course for business case writing, which was later used as model for other modules made by HBSi, and the National Case Writing Association. Coordinated and planned training sessions and professional development events for research associates, arranged guest speakers, and provided extensive research support for business cases; gathered and analyzed data for reporting. Published the faculty monthly newsletter on new cases and course material and designed three department websites.

2000 - 2002

Harvard University, Center for Training & Professional Development

Certificate of Completion for the following courses: Editing & Proofreading; Introduction to Adobe Photoshop; Advanced Adobe Photoshop; Visual Design, The Art of Effective Communication; Creating Web Pages, Basic HTML; Introduction to JavaScripting; Advanced JavaScripting; and Intro to Advanced Macromedia Dreamweaver I, II, III, and IV.

2001 - 2002

Harvard University, Extension School

Creative New Media Course: Understanding and Developing Multimedia.

2003 - 2004

Senior Web Developer

The project initiative was to create a resource offering support to the parents of children in need. Designed and developed a website dedicated to Suffolk County, and child care resources for children with developmental or behavioral disorders.

2004 - 2005

Internet Marketing Strategist & SEO

After 1 year as an employee, provided consulting services for over 6 years. Expanded online digital marketing initiatives through evaluating and analyzing industry trends, identified new marketing channels, and increased lead generation across all domains with search engine optimization (SEO), Internet marketing, and social media strategies. Achieved over 400 #1-3 organic rankings via SEO across the major search engines for targeted keywords and generated approximately 60% of all incoming phone calls/leads.

2005 - 2009

Quantum Group | QG Partnership - Founder, Senior Partner

Quantum Group was a turn-key business, marketing, software, and web development firm in the Tampa Bay area. Founded the company, grew a staff of 23 employees in four years, and increased annual revenue by 40 – 80% each year. Executed and oversaw all company business functions including project management, sales, accounting, proposals, human resources, business strategy, and client meetings. Increased client website traffic by over 400% and another by 500% and generated over 1,000 #1-3 organic listings across major search engines for one client. Generated wholesale leads which equaled $3M in revenue for a small business client and identified and responded to a gap in the market for a start-up business, which led to $20K profit in the first month.


Business of the Year Nomination

Nominated for Business of the Year by Tampa Bay Business Journal.


Web Award

Received the WMA Web Award for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development and the Consulting Standard of Excellence.

2009 - 2011

CEO - Business, Technology & Marketing Strategist & Consultant

11innovation was founded as a solution to provide business, technology, marketing services, and consultation. Delivered clients with successful business strategies; performed editing and copywriting, SEO, website development, software development, social media, digital marketing, and created print  marketing materials.

2010 - 2012

Lead Instructor: Web Design & Interactive Media

Teaching portfolio includes: Introduction to Scripting, Intermediate Scripting, Advanced Scripting, Designing for Dynamic Websites, Interactive Motion Graphics, Computer Concepts (CS5 Suite), E-Commerce Business, and Advanced E-Commerce Business. E-commerce courses focused on developing and optimizing the user experience to maximize results.

2011 - 2013

Director of Digital Strategies & Business Intelligence

Promoted from Director of Research & Digital Strategies in 2012. Strategically led the market research team in creating market research reports to identify educational program viability. Spearheaded the development of a proprietary digital analytics dashboard highlighting company KPI’s with real-time reporting. Leveraged the integration capabilities of open APIs including social media, and Internet-based sources. Drove profitable results and a dedicated team with over a $1M marketing budget, including the implementation of lead scoring and micro-segmentation of global marketing efforts, and conversion optimization for over 28 academic programs. Optimized website traffic to increase the generation of organic leads from 5% to over 40-50% across all managed domains, and increased campaign performances by over 400% for PPC.

2013 - 2014

CEO - Business, Technology & Marketing Strategist & Consultant

Delivered clients with successful business strategies; performed editing and copywriting, SEO, website development, software development, social media, digital marketing, and created print  marketing materials.


Manager, Digital Strategies

Sprinklr is a B2B social media management solution that enables enterprise brands to manage their social customer experiences. Conceived and implemented a new digital strategy that in 3 months generated 39% of all FY14 lead generation. Generated over 60% of new lead generation conversions through SEO, and increased: website traffic by 217%, the top primary goal funnel by 342%, and total website conversions by 218%. Developed a segmented nurture email program in FY14 to increase demand generation efforts. This strategy performed with a 213% increase in open rate, and a 1,176% increase in CTR.


Senior Manager, Digital Strategies

Promoted to Senior Manager, Digital Strategies. Salesforce administrator for the marketing team – managing marketing data, and marketing related app integrations, new field requirements, campaign reporting, and creating workflows for the sales team as needed. Managed the digital team in all digital efforts including: demand generation, audience segmentation, lead nurture and marketing automation, paid initiatives, SEO, website maintenance and optimization, marketing technology integrations, and data analytics.


Associate Director, Digital Strategies

Promoted to Associate Director, Digital Strategies. Led the paid advertising team for Demand Generation, in addition to marketing analytics and search engine optimization (SEO). Achieved 400% above the initial target for ABM leads in 2016-2017, with 91% account penetration.

2017 +

Associate Director, Analytics

Promoted to Associate Director, Analytics & SEO. Currently drives Demand Generation efforts and provides business intelligence for all channels and marketing departments. Developed department KPIs and dashboard in Domo, and offers guidance to increase profitability. Identified several reporting gaps and data cleanliness issues that resolved ROI reporting. In 2017, increased SEO page one rankings by 180%, visits by 62.4%, pageviews by 54.3%, and conversions by 20%.